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GLOBAL TACOS GRILL is definitely Not your typical taco experience. We make contemporary gourmet tacos with global flavors. Give us a try and taste the difference of farm fresh produce, sustainable seafood, and high-quality meat served on our fresh grilled tortillas, all complete with our decadent homemade sauces.

We carefully utilize local ingredients to showcase flavors from around the world, including those from Baja California, the Mediterranean, Asia, America, and beyond. There are no limits to our creativity.  We love good food and all the unique flavors of different cuisines from around the globe.  We also think that tacos are the ultimate hand held street food that everyone enjoys no matter where you are from or what your tastes may be. If it is crave worthy, we will make it.  Based out of San Diego, CA, it goes without saying that we love tacos, but once you've had a taco from Global Tacos Grill, you will never look at ordinary tacos quite the same again.  

We provide catering services for private and corporate events. Look for us at your favorite festival, street fair, or farmer's market as well.


Be Mindful. Live with Intention. Enjoy What You Eat.


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